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Our Founding Fathers   

S.A.M Hashmi

S.H Hashmi
Raziuddin Ahmad
Executive Director

Karim Yousaf Abdul
Regional Director

Abbas Mehdi Bilgrami
Regional Director




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Advertising is in my blood and Orient is my father’s legacy. As a sole guardian of this legacy I have learnt one thing: People come and go, clients come and go, alliances formulate and break but one thing that has always remained constant is the fact that Orient has always been and still is one of the largest advertising agencies of Pakistan.

Orient acquired the affiliation of McCann Erickson in 1993 and this alliance of 20 years will be coming to an end this year. Orient and McCann have shared some great times, done some great work and now two great organizations are parting on friendly terms.

As I sit and think about all the steps that I’ve taken and the decisions I have made, I have absolutely no regrets. Orient is one of the biggest success stories of Pakistani advertising and it was successful on its own, so it will certainly remain successful now also.

I am seeing things in a very positive light and viewing the big picture. I have great plans for this company, some that have already gone in execution and some that will be becoming a reality very soon. I’ve initiated my master plan by strengthening the workforce and paying utmost attention to their needs and providing them sufficient benefits.

I know my father the late S. H. Hashmi will be very proud of what Orient has achieved and continues to achieve. His endless spirit and constant hard work are still reflected in every inch of the organization.

With a staff of 275 passionate employees and nationwide network of 5 offices, Orient is ready to enter yet another era of success and lucrative ventures.




S. Mahmood Hashmi